More 40-plus women than ever buying risqué lingerie, erotic toys and accessories

By Deni Kirkova: Daily Mail UK: 9 June 2014

Women aged 40 and over are spending more money than ever on risqué lingerie and erotic accessories, say sales statistics from lingerie companies. They're spending a small fortune on lingerie and sex toys - more than double the amount women in their 20s spend, according to lingerie and erotic accessory boutique Petits Bisous. Over the last three months, the company has seen a 50 per cent rise in customers over 40 years old. Women over 40 are the ones buying the sexier, more risqué pieces of underwear, as well as a variety of toys, sex games and role playing pieces.

Major research says that women approaching 40 have higher libidos than girls in their 20s. When asked, women credited erotic novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey and books by Tiffany Reisz and Sylvia Day for their increased sexual appetite. Customers in their 20s spend, on average, 15 minutes in store while those in their 40s spend a more leisurely one hour. The findings suggest that the younger customers know what items they want before entering the store and favor a quick transaction.

But older customers are more willing to spend time trying on lingerie and learning about the latest sex toys and accessories before making purchases. There has also been a 75 per cent rise in women over 40 bringing their partners along to lingerie appointments, suggesting older couples are more forthcoming and honest with each other about what it is they like in the bedroom.

Petits Bisous sees an average of 10 couples a week visiting the store together to purchase pieces for the bedroom. In the last two months there has been a 200 per cent rise in women purchasing corsets. The boutique has also seen a 40 per cent rise in male customers over the last two months. The most popular items bought by men are silk stockings, suspenders and negligees for their lover. Leading London erotic boutique Coco De Mer report a similar customer base to Petit Bisous. They report that 45-54 is the second biggest customer group, but both the 45-54 age bracket and the 65-plus group spend considerably more than the 18-24-year-olds.

Online, an average man of that age will spend considerably more but he will also browse for much longer and save pieces in his basket which he never ends up buying.

Women of the age may spend less but they know exactly what they want, find it without browsing and buy. This reflects that older women know what they want and are enjoying erotica. The findings reflect new major research from sex toy firm Lovehoney, who report that women approaching 40 have higher libidos than girls in their 20s. They polled 2,100 men and women ranging in age from 18 to over 65 to find out how happy people are with their sex lives, how often they have sex and how libido is affected by age. It found that women with the highest sex drives are aged between 35 and 44. More than a third of women (36 per cent) in the same age group are having sex two to three times a week and fifth (20 per cent) four to six times a week. More than three-quarters of women in this age group are satisfied with their sex lives.

One factor in the high levels of sexual satisfaction in middle-aged women is - again - erotic books such as Fifty Shades of Grey. Of those who have read the book, 47 per cent say that it has actively influenced their sex lives.