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Orders of R 2 500.00 or more are delivered free of charge in Pretoria and Johanneburg areas only. Orders out of South Africa will be sent via Postnet. As Postnet has various charges on packages if the postage is more than R 120.00 you will be charged before package will be sent.

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Afrikaans Vibrators Slegs die best produkte is gekies. Vibrators


Products for her or the couple together, creating new possibilities of intimacy. By choosing the right vibrator for your needs you can unlock  new worlds of sensuality and sexual excitement.

Vibrators Slegs die best produkte is gekies. Other Sexual Aids

Other Sexual Aids

 Sexual and sensual aids can breathe new life into a sex life that has regressed into a predictable and routine activity

 The right vibrator is a good tool for that elusive orgasm if you are one of the 70% of women who do not orgasm through penetration only

 It can also relieve the pressure for the female to quickly achieve an orgasm and remove the pressure from her partner

 Give you new ways to discover your body

 Some vibrators can be used during penetration

 It is a good solution to relieve sexual frustration when you are single

 Ideal if you have a disability  

 This sexual aid undoubtedly plays an important role in achieving sexual fulfillment. The versatile, simultaneous stimulation of vibrators provide unique opportunities

 Research shows that people who use sex aids have higher libidos and get more sex